I got a hold of the promo tracks from the new album "Viva la Vida" or "Death And All His Friends" and all I can honestly say without screaming is that its going to be EPIC. Even the album artwork is EPIC. No other way to put it. Their signature piano sound is bolstered with soaring violins and chimes and drums that create these raging walls of sound. Walls I want to run headfirst into. This album has an ethereal, church-inspired sound to it and obviously so since a lot of it was recorded in huge churches in Barcelona. Very few songs hook me in at the first listen and these few songs have got me GOOD. "Lost?" seems like the track most similar to their previous work. I've only listened to the acoustic version of it though, so I wonder if there's another version out there somewhere.I predict the title track will be their first single. Either that or Violet Hill. Actually probably Violet Hill. The video is out there already, and its FUNNY. You'll see why when you watch it. Curious juxtaposition. I dig.

Coldplay are touring Canada in the fall and come hell or high water.. I am going to be there.


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